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Posted by Emillie Lee

Apr 13, 2016 2:34:31 PM



Insulating your home with polyurethane spray foam insulation is one of the most sustainable choices you can make. Spray foam is safe, relatively easy to apply, and long lasting. Before the applicator arrives at your home, however, there are some measures you should take for extra precaution and simple preparation.

  • Make arrangements to have your current insulation taken away. Start by measuring its area and depth, and use those values to calculate the volume of your current insulation. This is an important value to have when deciding where and how to dispose of old insulation.
  • Take a quick survey of your heating and cooling bills. Write the figures down somewhere so that you have something to compare your new bills to after you have the spray foam insulation installed.
  • Determine the recommended R value of insulation in your area. The Department of Energy calculates these values, and they are based on unfinished, unconditioned attics. Know what R value you are shooting for, and have a conversation about this with your spray foam professional to make sure the finished job will meet your needs and goals.
  • Are there tax creditsavailable for making this sustainable chance to your home? This will depend on your state and locale. These tax credits can make spray foam insulation even more wallet-friendly.
  • Take some time to learn more about spray foam and its increasing popularity. You'll be amazed at the many benefits (financial and otherwise) offered by this simple and innovative building material.

When choosing a polyurethane spray foam insulation professional for your home, it's important to choose the best. Contact NCFI Polyurethanes, a leading supplier of spray foam and applicator training, to learn more about our products, the application process, and safety.


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