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Appeal to Your Client's Energy Saving Concerns with Polyurethane Foam

Posted by Becky Eades

Sep 23, 2015 11:00:00 AM

Many clients today are focusing on energy efficiency when making building choices, and rightfully so. An energy efficient building can save countless dollars on fuel and electricity costs over the years, and it's also a sustainable solution. One material that is extremely helpful when building energy-efficient homes is polyurethane foam insulation. Also known as spray foam insulation, this product offers energy saving benefits and other advantages to your clients.


Spray foam insulation creates a continuous seal that reduces the air that infiltrates exterior walls. It does not suffer from the same gaps and bulges as traditional foam insulation. It's important to remind clients who are interested in spray foam insulation that by choosing this product, they are not only designing a more energy efficient home, but they are also potentially qualifying themselves for tax credits and other incentives associated with building energy-efficient homes.

To be sure that clients are aware of the advantages of spray foam insulation, it's important that they are aware of these benefits:

  • Spray foam can be used in walls, attics, roofs and other surfaces. Though it is rigid, its application process ensures that it fits tightly along contours to provide complete insulation coverage.
  • Sealing gaps with spray foam not only keeps chilly air out in the winter, it also reduces the entrance of pollen and other allergens into the home.
  • Spray foam acts as a water barrier, preventing moisture from entering your walls and contributing to mold growth.
  • In addition to improved energy efficiency, spray foam offers other sustainable advantages. Its chemicals are inert once they are applied and cured, so it does not pollute the air or water.

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