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Architects Have Design Freedom When Using InsulStar Polyurethane Insulation

Posted by Becky Eades

Jul 2, 2015 10:30:00 AM

Insulation is one of the major concerns facing architects and home builders, but it doesn't have to cause headaches or break the bank. With InsulStar Polyurethane Insulation, you have a lot more freedom (and a lot more selling points), giving you better return on investment when you use our materials for your construction projects. 


More Freedom of Design 

If you've worked with traditional bat insulation, you know its limitations. Bat insulation has to be cut to fit the space that needs to be air-proofed, and it requires 90 degree angles to work properly. Because InsulStar is a blown-in, expansion-foam product, you can use it in curves, corners, and a variety of other places where you couldn't use bat insulation, giving you more freedom to experiment in your designs. 

Lower Costs to the Homeowner

The real estate market is improving, but buyers are still nervous and don't want to spend more than they have to. InsulStar insulation gives you a good selling point in the fact that, with this product in use in their new home, they'll be sure to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer without spending too much on heating and cooling. It could be the edge that you need. 

A Greener Product 

A final reason to consider InsulStar when you're looking at materials for your construction projects is the "green" factor. InsulStar is an environmentally-friendly product. Because it is so effective in blocking unwanted air flow, you can reduce the width of outside walls, meaning you'll need less lumbar and fewer other materials. 

For More Information

Need more information about InsulStar? Feel free to contact us today. We look forward to meeting you and helping you make your building projects more successful than ever. 


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