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BPI Educates Homeowners on Energy Upgrades

Posted by Emillie Lee

Jul 27, 2016 11:00:00 AM

If you're a homeowner who is looking for ways to make your current residence more energy-efficient, BPI has a resource for you. The Building Performance Institute has a wealth of information at their website:, a site where you can learn about possible energy upgrades for your home and explore the best options.

At this site, you can take a quiz that will reveal what deficiencies your home may have when it comes to energy conservation. The questions are simple. You'll need to know your address, zip code, the year your home was built, its square footage, and the way your home is heated among other simple information. The calculator will then tell you how much money you're losing to energy loss each year. Also provided are estimates of how much money you can save each year by making certain upgrades. For example, you'll learn how much you can save by upgrading to spray foam insulation, and how much you can save by installing more efficient lighting.

The other great thing about BPI's resources is that after they make recommendations for your home, they also offer a tool that allows you to find certified contractors in your area that can make the recommended upgrades for you. There are also links to local discounts and rebates for energy upgrades, as well as educational articles written by industry experts. Building energy-efficient homes, and remodeling an existing home to be more energy-efficient, has never been easier.

Once you learn a little more about building energy-efficient homes from BPI, don't forget to visit NCFI Polyurethanes website. We can help you find a certified spray foam applicator in your area, so you can upgrade your insulation and enjoy lower energy bills than ever before - both in the winter and the summer.

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