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Bracing for Extreme Weather?

Posted by Becky Eades

Jan 13, 2016 11:30:00 AM


Extreme weather can wreak havoc even on new buildings. Hurricane-force winds, heavy hail, and surprise snowstorms such as the one that struck western New York in late 2014, can lead to roof collapse in the worst case scenario, and even more often, corrosion and substantial roof damage. By choosing the right materials for your construction projects, you can create sturdy, weather-resistant buildings that won't succumb to the elements.

EnduraMetal is your ideal solution for weather-resistant roofing. A high-tech, spray foam roofing product, it offers protection from even the most extreme weather conditions and is compatible with both new structures and existing construction. Even in the heaviest rains and snowstorms, EnduraMetal resists corrosion, which not only prevents deterioration of the roofing material itself, but also protects the rest of the structure by preventing leaks.

Even when weather is pleasant, EnduraMetal reduces energy costs for maintenance costs. It reflects sunlight, allowing it to absorb less heat than traditional roofing materials. This is especially handy in areas where the summer temperatures soar and air conditioning costs are typically high. EnduraMetal also reduces roof maintenance costs for building owners, making it a truly money-saving investment, as well as a safe and secure choice. EnduraMetal is compatible with a wide array of roof configurations, making it easy to work into your building and design plans.

EnduraMetal is also a sustainable option. By reducing the number of roofing replacements a building will need, it reduces the generation of tear-off waste.

Are you looking for reliable materials for your construction projects? NCFI has been in the spray foam industry for decades, and we produce a wide variety of products from closed-cell insulation to geotechnical foam. Visit the NCFI Polyurethanes website to learn more about our products, including EnduraMetal.

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