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Contractor Spotlight: OCP Contractors

Posted by Emillie Lee

Nov 21, 2016 10:00:00 AM

For our third installment of the contractor spotlight, we talk to Matt Giambrone of OCP Contractors. 

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How long have you been working with NCFI products?
6 years and counting

What do you think sets NCFI apart from competitors?
Customer service above all is what sets NCFI apart from all other competitors. Their representatives are available for anything that can and will go awry while installing spray foam.

What are some of the biggest concerns for many of your customers? How does NCFI help solve this?
One of the biggest issues I run into is over UV exposure to any air barrier product. Not only does NCFI have a 6 month UV exposure, but if you pass the duration NCFI will come out and inspect the foam to verify if the foam is still holding its values and properties. This is very important to my customers to help out with the scheduling of their projects.

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What are the advantages of spray foam insulation versus other forms?
Spray foams largest advantage to any other system is that it is a one step process. It eliminates the step to spray the air barrier, then insulate the wall. The spray foam has been formulated to have the air/vapor barrier in the foam with a superior R value then regular foam boards. The “skipped’ step helps immensely in the construction process with the tight constraints most projects have with their schedules.


What do you think is the biggest myth about insulation?
I believe the biggest myth is that people believe that spray foam is a hazardous chemical. As long as you follow NCFI guidelines and protocols: proper PPE, installation process, ventilation, and Job Safety Analysis spray foam is perfectly safe. That is why all my installers are NCFI certified in the factory to ensure proper install and use.


What's your most memorable project?
My first project I ever installed spray foam at, Maple Heights High School. It was about 60 sets of spray foam, all of which I sprayed by myself! It was one of the biggest, most detailed, time constraint projects ever. The first day I tried to spray the board on my E30 reactor went. NCFI sent someone out on a Saturday and installed the part for me at no charge, so when I came in on Monday morning everything was ready for me to start. That is customer service, and I believe this was the start of my relationship and continued use of NCFI spray foam.




What has your experience been like working on the Cleveland Heights project?
This is by far the largest project currently undertaken by myself. It is the first one where it was an addition and renovation of an existing building. Spray foam literally filled the gap from the existing building to the addition to allow for a continuous insulation. Spray foam can adhere to a wide range of construction materials, including existing masonry veneer. This allowed us to tie into the old building, and start into the new.


What's your favorite part of your job?
My favorite part of my job is seeing the drawings in front of me on a project estimated, and going out to the job site and seeing the spray foam on the walls. It never ceases to amaze me how spray foam looks on  a wall before the veneer goes up. I know how well the wall cavity will operate with spray foam in it, and how it will pass the test of time.


What does a good work day look like for you?
Honestly a good work day for me is every day. I am passionate about what I do, therefore every day I am able to keep striving for greatness is a good day.


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What's the best business advice anyone ever gave you?
“Do it right the first time, do it safe, but do it faster than the day before”


What would you like people to know about your company?
OCP has been around almost 50 years and is a leader in the construction industry for structural stud, exterior sheathing, and interior walls and drywall. We have a prefab shop that offers way more options than a standard drywall company. In some cases we can install spray foam on prefab panels and ship them on site, and have very little field work to finish the panels.


Get to know Matt!

Morning or night person?
I am a very adaptable person, I can wake up early if needed, or stay late.

What was your first job?
Bag boy at Aurora Golf and Country Club

What’s the best vacation you’ve ever taken?
10 day trip to Sicily with my Dad

Do you have a hobby you like to do on the weekend or a favorite activity to relax?
Gone Fishing

What TV shows do you like to watch?
Big Bang Theory, Gotham, Lucifer, Last Man Standing, Dr. Ken


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