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Convenient Digital Resources for Safety & Training

Posted by Emillie Lee

Sep 25, 2017 8:00:00 AM


We work with contractors all over the country so we understand the importance of offering online resources. When you work with NCFI, you not only get access to the industry's best spray polyurethane foam and installation equipment, but you also get access to training and support that can be accessed at your convenience.

Our experienced technicians are skilled at explaining SPF concepts, so you can work quickly with increased safety while doing a better job for your customer. For example, some of the resources in our online library include ventilation webinars and health and safety training

As you know, when SPF is sprayed during the installation process the air becomes filled with SPF chemicals. Using personal protective equipment is important, but it's not the only safety precaution worth following. 

Limiting access to the building during installation is important, and ventilating the space also helps to ensure that chemicals don't build up. The training and support from NCFI on ventilation techniques covers both containment and mechanical ventilation systems, but we also cover many other topics. Given that maintaining workplace safety is an important part of your responsibilities under OSHA regulations, this information can help to limit your legal exposure.

Check out our online resources and take advantage of our webinar and other safety information. It is one of many pieces of training and support from NCFI.

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