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Don't Get Blown Away: Insulstar Protects Against Heavy Winds

Posted by Becky Eades

Aug 28, 2015 11:00:00 AM

NCFI's InsulStar adhesive product for roof decks is the leading solution for creating wind systems that withstand high levels of wind uplift. It can be an especially good choice for roofing systems in high-velocity hurricane zones like those in much of Florida and the Gulf Coast.



c/o of Nasa Goddard Space Center via Flickr Creative Commons

With the spring hurricane and storm season coming, there is no better time to reconsider how you build roofing systems to withstand inclement weather and the stresses that it brings. One of the biggest stresses on a roof is wind uplift. It happens when wind finds its way under the roof deck. Once it gets between the deck and the rafters, the strength of the wind can literally pull the roof assembly off of the building.

InsulStar SPF Adhesive helps to mitigate against this problem. When applied between a roofing system and a building, it provides a strong layer to increase adhesion and keep the roof where it belongs -- on the building. Recent testing in Miami-Dade gave it a best-in-class rating due to its ability to withstand 142.5 pounds per square feet of uplift pressure.

Wind uplift protection isn't the only benefit that InsulStar SPF Adhesive brings, though. It has also been certified as a secondary moisture barrier. This means that it not only keeps the wind from damaging the roof, but that it also keeps the moisture that comes with major storms out. These benefits come without you having to apply a second product, as well, letting you do a better job on installing roofing systems with less cost and effort.

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