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Game of Foams? George R.R. Martin uses NCFI's EnduraTech for Roof Repair

Posted by Emillie Lee

Nov 9, 2017 3:00:00 PM

rs-18756-20140422-george-x1800-1398196701.jpgPhoto courtesy of Peter Yang, Rolling Stone Magazine

What does the King of Fire and Ice do when the efficiency of his workspace is it risk to the elements? He uses NCFI EnduraTech.



Photo courtesy of Spray Foam Magazine.


George R.R. Martin is not only known as one of the greatest authors of our time, but he is also recognized for his personal efforts in being as environmentally efficient as possible.

In a task to reverse the damaging effects of ponding and ice damming to the canals located on the roof of his Sante Fe home office, Martin’s contractor, Marshall Thompson of Constructive Assets, recommended spray foam insulation as a sure fix.


 application2 (1).jpg

Photo courtesy of Spray Foam Magazine


They hired Matt Segura and Aaron Lewis of Southwest Spray Foam (SWSF), whose crew initially applied NCFI’s EnduraRock (10-011 2.8 lb) with a Graco GX-7. After spraying 2,200 sq ft of the roof, SWSF then applied EnduraTech Silicone 70-025 single component, moisture-cure elastomeric coating to the roof.


This project took a week to complete, but its benefits will last for a few decades.

With increased R-Value and a sloping roof, this building will perform excellently and could potentially have over 30 years of life, it properly maintained.” said Segura in an article written by Spray Foam Magazine.



Photo courtesy of Spray Foam Magazine

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