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Get Concrete Joints Stable with Geotech Foam

Posted by Emillie Lee

Feb 26, 2016 11:30:00 AM


When large, concrete-floored buildings like warehouses are built, the concrete is poured into many smaller slabs. When the building is new, these slabs generally lay evenly and the joints between then are not easily noticed. Over time, however, wear and tear on the floor, the weight of trucks and fork lifts moving over the floor, and natural shifting in the soil causes the joints to buckle.

The Challenges of Joint Spalling

Buckling concrete floors are a real problem in large buildings. Known as "joint spalling," this issue can become so severe that it ruins the entire concrete slab. Repairs are quite costly, but luckily there is a new technology that can save a spalling floor before the problem gets worse.

TerraThane to the Rescue

TerraThane geotechnical foam is a polyurethane-based spray foam product that can be inserted under bucking concrete slabs to re-stablize them, return them to their original positions, and keep them from shifting any further. The foam is applied through small, 5/8-inch holes that are drilled into the concrete slabs. It spreads under the concrete to offer lightweight support.

Advantages of Geotechnical Foam

Geotechnical foam materials for your construction projects can be applied very quickly, so you don't have to worry about shutting down the warehouse for weeks while repairs are made. The foam reaches its maximum strength just 15 minutes after injection, so you can begin using the surface very soon after the repair process is finished. Applying TerraThane foam is very clean, so little cleanup is required. 

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