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High Density Foam Has Many Molding Applications

Posted by Becky Eades

Feb 8, 2016 12:50:01 PM


When most people think of foam, they picture plush, open-cell foam such as that which is generally used in cushions and carpet padding. While these types of foam are certainly important, there is another type of foam of which you should be aware when looking for materials for your construction projects. Rigid molding foam, which comes in both high and low-density varieties, has an array of uses in many industries.

A common use for low-density foams is in taxidermy. These foams can be specifically shaped to create the interior of a taxidermy piece. The high level of detail that can be achieved results in realistic looking results. NCFI is an industry leader in taxidermy foam systems and uses special hydrocarbon-blown foams for this purpose.

High-density rigid foam is also often used to make molds for millwork. It can be formed into any shape and is very durable, which allows it to be used again and again. Many and advertising items, such as picture frames and other trinkets can be custom-made from high-density rigid foam. They can be coated with skins of varying hardness to give them a smooth appearance. NCFI can craft specially formulated rigid foams to meet the needs of specific projects. Even furniture parts may be made from high-density rigid foam.

If you're looking for foam materials for your construction projects, visit NCFI Polyurethanes' website to learn more about our products. We offer everything from rigid modeling foams to polyurethane spray foam insulation and sell to a wide array of clients, from contractors to manufacturers.

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