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How InsulStar Can Save You Money on Building Design

Posted by Becky Eades

Dec 21, 2015 11:30:00 AM

NCFI's InsulStar materials for your construction projects conserve space. This means that you get to use less materials to build bigger buildings. With lower costs and higher prices due to a higher square footage, you end up with a more profitable project.


InsulStar spray-in-place polyurethane insulation materials offer more R-value relative to their volume than other insulation products. When you build, spray InsulStar inside the exterior walls. Because it is such an effective insulator, you don't need to apply it in as thick a coating as you would with other insulators. This lets you build a thinner wall, using less lumber. Because the exterior walls are thinner, the interior living area can expand to fill the extra space. Given than you can save two trees worth of lumber on average in a 2,500 square foot, this works out to real savings.

You can also use InsulStar to make certain spaces livable that might not be otherwise, which lets you squeeze even more value out of the houses that you build. Instead of having to lay thick layers of insulation batting on the floor of the attic, you can just spray the InsulStar right on the roof deck, making the rest of the attic livable -- and valuable -- space.

To learn more about how InsulStar materials for your construction projects can help you build larger homes at lower cost, contact us at NCFI. Our installation specialists are ready to help answer your questions.


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