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How to Increase Profits as a Spray Foam Applicator

Posted by Emillie Lee

Apr 27, 2016 11:30:00 AM


As a spray foam applicator, you not only need to stay on top of the more technical side of your job, but also the business end of things. If you're looking to improve your profits, here are a few tips to keep in mind as you run your business:

  • Before you make a bid, make sure you have accurate measurements. This allows you to make a more precise estimate of how much time and materials you'll need to dedicate, so you don't end up eating into your own profits because the job is larger than you thought. If you're struggling to read the blueprints provided, make your own measurements.
  • Use the best-quality products. This is always emphasized to our certified applicators, who receive training and support from NCFI. Don't skimp by purchasing discount materials and products -- you'll find yourself having to spend more time applying, and also more time making repairs and adjustments if the products fail.
  • Choose a product that passes the flammability test uncoated. This saves you both the time and money involved in coating the spray foam with fire retardant sprays, allowing you to earn a greater profit on every job.
  • After each job, conduct a thorough analysis. This will let you know where the money was spent and what, exactly your profits were on that specific job. Look over this analysis for places you can save in the future. Make sure you measure the applied spray foam to ensure your yield is high. Materials account for much of the cost of a job, so you need to troubleshoot any issues with low yield in a timely manner.

For training and support from NCFI that will allow you to turn greater profits with your business, visit our websiteto learn more about our applicator certification programs.

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