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Keep Money in Your Pocket This Winter

Posted by Becky Eades

Sep 29, 2015 11:00:00 AM


Does the thought of paying winter energy bills make you cringe? You're probably always going to have a heating bill, but by making a few home improvements, you can decrease it a more manageable sum. Here are a few simple changes that are likely to have a meaningful effect on your energy bills.

Put area rugs on your hard floors.

Area rugs add an extra layer of insulation to the floor. They also make the floor more comfortable to walk on, which may make turning your thermostat down an extra degree or two more tolerable.

Cover your windows with insulating drapes or plastic sheeting.

Insulated drapes that have a honeycomb-like structure are excellent for keeping the chill out. Another option is to cover your windows with sticky plastic sheets. These are easy to find at most hardware stores and take just minutes to apply. They're an especially good choice for old and drafty windows, since they keep cold air from blowing in.

Turn your ceiling fans on counterclockwise.

When they spin in this direction, the blades force warm air that has risen to the ceiling back down to the floor.

Wrap your hot water heater in a blanket.

This simple tip is an excellent choice if your basement is cool. The blanket adds an extra layer of insulation so that the water stays warmer for longer without using as much gas.

Replace or add to your insulation.

Fiberglass insulation can become compacted over time, especially if it is allowed to become moist. If your insulation has seen better days, replacing it will lead to a notable decrease in energy bills. Consider replacing traditional insulation with spray foam insulation for greater energy savings.

Spray foam insulation should always be applied by a qualified applicator. Visit NCFI to find one in your area.

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