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Keep Your Spray Foam Employees Trained to OSHA Standards

Posted by Becky Eades

Dec 31, 2015 11:30:00 AM


Properly trained employees not only do a better job of supplying services for your clients, but they're also able to perform their jobs more safely. OSHA is aware of this, and thus they have a set of regulations that apply to contractors. Complying with OSHA standards requires that your employees receive proper training, among other things.

In order to apply spray foam safety, your applicators should undergo a comprehensive training program in which they learn how to prevent injuries to themselves and others when applying spray foam. NCFI offers a range of spray foam safety certification courses for both business owners and employees. OSHA also requires 30-hour training for company owners and job supervisors, in which the range of requirements is discussed.

In addition to requiring training, OSHA requirements also mandate that your contracting business has a written safety plan. How to write this safely plan is covered in the 30-hour OSHA training course. This safety plan includes the designation of a safety manager, who could be yourself or an employee that you designate.

To ensure safety, OSHA also requires that you do a hazard assessment of your typical job site. For spray foam applicators, common hazards include chemical exposure and burns. Proper training ensures all of your employees know exactly how to avoid these hazards and what to do if someone does become injured on the job. As the employer, you should also ensure your employees have the resources in place to practice safety and accident prevention. This includes fire extinguishers, goggles and a first aid kit.

Visit the NCFI website to learn more about our spray foam applicator training programs, which include an emphasis on occupational safety.


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