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More Specialized Labor is in Demand in the U.S. Construction Industry

Posted by Becky Eades

Jul 23, 2015 10:30:00 AM

Construction is a field that encompasses a wide array of professions, from welding to bricklaying to applying spray foam insulation. Each of these skills requires careful training and specialization. For those who have training in a specialized construction field, there's good news -- demand for specialized construction workers is on the rise.


Spray foam application is one such profession for which demand is increasing dramatically. As builders and homeowners seek more sustainable and energy-efficient building options, more and more are choosing spray foam. Receiving training and support from NCFI so that you can add spray foam application to your skill set is a good way to propel your career forward. As an independent contractor, you'll have an easier time finding more clients and won't have to subcontract as much work.

Even if you are new to the construction field, receiving training for spray foam application will make you a commodity in the job market. Construction companies are actively recruiting people with this and other specialized skills. With the economy beginning to recover, homeowners and businesses are building again, and construction companies are having to hire more employees and contractors to keep up with their workloads.

As a spray foam applicator who receives training and support from NCFI, you'll get to work in a wide array of fields. Spray foam's most well known use is as insulation for homes and commercial buildings, but there are also geotechnical spray foam products that can be used to support roads, even out concrete slabs, and more.

If you're convinced that spray foam application is a great skill to add to your list, contact NCFI Polyurethanes. We're proud to offer not only training and support, but also materials and equipment you need to complete your spray foam application projects the right way every time.

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