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Prepare Your Clients for Spray Foam Odor

Posted by Becky Eades

Sep 9, 2015 11:00:00 AM



When preparing clients for spray foam application, most contractors are careful to discuss the benefits of spray foam, how safe it is, and how it will help lower energy bills. However, one topic that's often neglected is the smell that spray foam leaves in the days following application. If you forget to mention this topic with clients and let them know what's normal, you're likely to get a lot of calls with questions about odors in the days following your applications. Save yourself time, and save your clients worry, by letting them know the following information about spray foam odors.

When fully cured, spray foam won't smell.

Make sure your clients know, first and foremost, that their home will be completely odor free once the foam is set. Client sometimes jump to the conclusion that they'll forever have to live with a strange odor if they detect an odor in the first days after application.

Any odors during the curing process are temporary.

How long they last will depend on the manufacturer of the spray foam, how thickly it was applied, and where in the home it is located. However, in every case, the smell will subside very quickly.

Choosing a qualified applicator minimizes the chance of odors.

Make sure the client knows that, as an experienced applicator, you're less likely to make mistakes during mixing and application. Improper mixing, letting equipment get dirty, and choosing the wrong spray foam materials for your construction projects may cause heavier odors.

Proper ventilation is needed to dispel odors.

If the home is not well ventilated, the odors may linger for a bit longer.

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