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Safer Roads and Highways Thanks To TerraThane

Posted by Emillie Lee

Nov 27, 2017 2:07:03 PM

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It's a common problem on roads and highways throughout North America -- the soil under a highway erodes, leading to uneven surfaces that present a driving hazard. This problem is hard to fix because it involves repairing eroded soil beneath large slabs of concrete. The traditional method has been to add more support to the road through mudjacking, but this method presents several big challenges. Recently, the use of TerraThane, a geotechnical polyurethane foam system, has become more common because it circumvents the challenges of mudjacking.


Advantages of TerraThane

  • TerraThane foam requires the drilling of smaller holes than mudjacking. This helps maintain the structural integrity of the concrete.
  • Using foam takes less time than mudjacking, which helps save money and effort.
  • The foam is cleaner and lighter than the "mud." This means that less weight is added to the natural soil beneath the road, reducing the likelihood of continued erosion in the future.
  • The result of using TerraThane foam is a smoother, safer road that is less subject to erosion -- and one that will stay that way for many years.


How NCFI Can Help

NCFI Polyurethanes employs contractors who receive exceptional training in the use of TerraThane, coming to with years of experience in jacking highways and roads in hand. We offer rigs that carry the foam, supply the polyurethane materials for your construction projects, and we have the staff to guide and educate your team through the process of applying the foam.

At NCFI, we'd be happy to provide all of the polyurethane materials for your construction projects. Contact us for more information about our training materials, applicator certification programs, and great products like TerraThane.