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The Benefits of Gold Star Certification

Posted by Emillie Lee

Jun 14, 2016 6:27:31 PM


The best installers of NCFI polyurethane foam insulation don't just do a good job. They prove it by joining the NCFI GoldStar Contractor Program. Earning the GoldStar Certified Insulation Contractor certification isn't easy, but the benefits are significant.

Members of the NCFI GoldStar Contractor Program represent the top of the spray polyurethane foam insulation contracting industry. Before you can test for a certification, you will have to establish that your organization has enough scale to meet customer needs while also certifying your experience. You will also have to share information on your insurance coverage. We also require our GoldStar Contractors to pass a written test that demonstrates their knowledge of spray foam insulation principles and practices.

Once you become a part of the program, you can look forward to four benefits:

  • You become eligible to bid on projects where the local building code or the client requires that insulation be installed by a certified contractor.
  • You earn the opportunity to receive a portion of the leads that NCFI receives directly from potential customers as it does more national marketing of its own.
  • You become eligible to participate in our joint promotions and marketing campaigns with our GoldStar Contractor team.
  • You immediately become part of a very small group of insulation contractors that have been identified as the best in the business.

To learn more about the NCFI GoldStar Contractor Program, contact us. We can share more information and even provide you with a study guide to help prepare you for the test.


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