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What Do Customers Really Want?

Posted by Emillie Lee

Nov 14, 2016 10:00:00 AM

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As a spray foam professional, you are well aware of the many benefits of spray foam, including its ability to seal out moisture, prevent mold, and fully insulate thin walls that would not be able to accommodate fiberglass insulation. While there are undoubtedly some homeowners who will be attracted to spray foam because of these benefits, the foremost thought in customers' minds when choosing insulation is usually energy-efficiency. Customers are looking to save money on their heating bills. By pushing spray foam's energy-efficient benefits in your marketing strategy, you can attract more customers.

Energy-efficiency is not just popular with individual homeowners looking to save a few dollars. It has also become the new emphasis of building codes, with many local jurisdictions requiring that buildings meet a certain level of energy-efficiency before construction can begin. Spray foam is very effective in helping to meet these standards, so simply using the words "energy-efficient" in your marketing materials may attract builders, owners and officials who are looking for code-compliant building solutions.

Many builders and architects are always on the lookout for new materials that will help them create sleeker, more sustainable designs. The words "energy-efficient" jump off the page to these individuals. Draw them in once, and they'll likely become life-long customers who use spray foam over and over again on all of their projects. Surely, you can mention other benefits, too -- but make sure energy-efficiency is emphasized.

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