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Why Buy Proportioners from NCFI?

Posted by Emillie Lee

Mar 20, 2017 8:00:00 AM


Applying materials for your construction projects is a complicated and expensive process. To simplify, speed up and lower the cost of applying foam insulation, we offer the reactor line of proportioners. They offer significant benefits that help you complete more projects in less time, at lower cost:

  • Reactor proportioners have easy to use controls that let you get your technicians up to speed and on the job with less time in the classroom.

  • Our proportioners have fewer parts and are building in modules. This means that they have less points of failure and require less maintenance. If something does go wrong, they are easy to repair and return to service.

  • The interfaces on our units are designed to give you detailed information and diagnostics on their operation. With the information you have, you can avoid crossovers and get a better quality spray that provides the best possible performance for your customer while letting you use the exact amount of foam insulation materials for your construction projects with no waste.

  • Controls for pressure balancing make it easier for you to both adjust and monitor system performance in real time.

  • Our proportioners and guns are easy to clean and easy to service.

  • Our systems are self-contained, needing nothing other than a 230 volt power connection

For all of your building insulation needs, or if you have anymore questions in regards to our products, please contact us today at NCFI.

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