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Your Spray Rig Requires Clean Dry Air

Posted by Emillie Lee

Dec 20, 2016 11:28:23 AM

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There's more to spray foam insulation than just the liquid foam that you spray. Its effectiveness is directly related to the quality of the air that it gets mixed with. If you don't have clean, dry air for your rig, you won't be able to properly apply the foam.

Using air right from the compressor will leave you with contaminated foam. Adding an air dryer to your equipment will keep your rig functioning smoothly. Air dryers remove the moisture from the air that they spray, lowering the dew point to well below freezing -- frequently as low as -40 or -100 degrees Fahrenheit. They also feature filter assemblies that take out dirt and oil particles at sizes as small as 0.01 microns. This not only keeps the foam you spray uncontaminated, but also removes the particles that could clog your rig and slow down your work flow for unnecessary cleaning cycles.

Air dryers typically come with a three stage membrane that can be cleaned, or can be designed to work with drums and totes and use a disposable desiccant cartridge. NCFI sells both types of air drying equipment for spray foam insulation. Contact us to learn which system is the best choice for your equipment and for the unique demands of your business.

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